Our services

Since 2007, Gondár Transport Ltd. and Gondár Logistics Ltd. have been operating as two independent companies side by side in symbiosis.

Gondár Transport Ltd. is involved first of all in transportation and forwarding.

Gondár Logistics Ltd. is dealing with logistics, warehousing and complementary activities.

Our services:

  • international and domestic freight forwarding
  • warehousing and logistics
  • storing of stocks
  • handling of empties
  • packaging
  • labeling
  • documentation, keeping of stocks
  • periodical inventory
  • sorting of products
  • product manufacturing

Logistics processes can be operated in form of outsourcing or using the client’s own resources in a close partnership.

We also provide logistics consulting.

The property is equipped with all utilities: electricity, running water, sewage, gas, phone, optical fiber cable IT and camera system. Our logistics center is maintained by S-Group Central Europe Ltd. 24 hours a day.

The whole area of the property is fenced and equipped with public lighting.



  • Warehouse with steel construction, isolated: 1400 m2
  • Warehouse with steel construction unisolated: 2000 m2
  • Warehouse tents with metal frame: 1000 m2 & 1467 m2
  • Warehouse with concrete construction, isolated: 1948 m2
  • Masonry hall, restored, reconverted in 2009 with social blocks, offices: 870 m2
  • Steel structure garage/storage unit: 450 m2 with social place, one-off gas boiler hot-air heating, concrete and pebbled surface.